Display the uploaded image on Laravel 5.7

Create a file name and move it from the temporary folder to under item. Pass variable of file name from controller to view.

class ImageIndexController extends Controller
    public function index(){
    	return view('imageindex');

    public function store(Request $request){

        $filename = date("YmdHis") . "." . $request->file('image')->guessExtension();
    	$request->file('image')->move(public_path('item'), $filename);
    	return view('imageindex',compact('filename'));

If there is a variable in the “If statement”, display it.

      <img src="/item/{{$filename}}">

1. upload the image and put register button

2. Then image is displayed on view page.

Ok, first step is well done.
I think I need to insert a file pass to mysql.