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Earth to exoplanet: Hunting for planets with machine learning


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Assisting Pathologists in Detecting Cancer with Deep Learning



deep learningでソリューションを提示できればビジネスになるってことかな。


Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoftはどのように機械学習に取り組んでいるのか?まずそれを知ることが大事。


続いて、Waymoのsoftware engineeringの採用情報を見てみましょう。

Data scientistの条件。phDか。。まじかー。
We’d like you to have:
PhD in statistics, math, or other quantitative area
Progressive statistics background either in academia or industry
Data science and system evaluation experience
Willingness to understand a complex system and its various components
Experience with tools for manipulating big data
Experience with R/Python and statistical libraries

続いてDeep Leaningのsoftware engineer
PhD in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
Experience in applied Machine Learning including data collection, analysis and feature engineering
Experience in Deep Learning research
Experience with TensorFlow
Experience programming in Python/C++

そうか、computer scienceはOKとして、Machine Learning, Roboticsは必須だな。


まずはmachine learningとアプリケーションからか。

backlog APIで値を取得して、スプレッドシートに表示

$message[0] = array('チケット','タイトル','ステータス','担当者','開始日','期限日');
$i= 1;
foreach($json as $value){
    $message[$i][0] = $value["issueKey"];
    $message[$i][1] = $value["summary"];
    $message[$i][2] = $value["status"]["name"];
    $message[$i][3] = $value["assignee"]["name"];
    $message[$i][4] = date("Y/m/d", strtotime($value["startDate"]));
    $message[$i][5] = date("Y/m/d", strtotime($value["dueDate"]));

で、この値をGoogle Spread sheetに渡す


じゃあ、これをHerokuにgit pushしてscheduler登録すればいいんじゃない♪

phpでspreadsheetに書き込む その2


// google/applient:"^2.0"
require __DIR__. '/vendor/autoload.php';

// GCP Sheet APIの認証情報
$keyFile = __DIR__. "/credentials.json";

// アカウント認証情報インスタンスを作成
$client = new Google_Client();

// 任意
$client->setApplicationName("Sheet API Test");

$scopes = [Google_Service_Sheets::SPREADSHEETS];

// シート情報を操作するインスタンスを生成
$sheet = new Google_Service_Sheets($client);

// 保存データ
$values = [
	["Sheet API Append TEST", "登録できていますか?"]

// データ操作領域を設定
$body = new Google_Service_Sheets_ValueRange([
	'values' => $values,

$response = $sheet->spreadsheets_values->append(
	["valueInputOption" => 'USER_ENTERED']

// 書き込んだ処理結果を確認

はああああああああああ? なにこれえええええええええええ


phpでspreadsheetに書き込む その1

[vagrant@localhost local]$ curl -sS | php
All settings correct for using Composer

Composer (version 1.9.0) successfully installed to: /home/vagrant/local/composer.phar
Use it: php composer.phar

[vagrant@localhost local]$ ls
backlog.php composer.phar heroku ipa.php

composerでgoogle api clientを落とします。
[vagrant@localhost local]$ php composer.phar require google/apiclient:”^2.0″
./composer.json has been created
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Package operations: 13 installs, 0 updates, 0 removals
– Installing ralouphie/getallheaders (3.0.3): Downloading (100%)
– Installing psr/http-message (1.0.1): Loading from cache
– Installing guzzlehttp/psr7 (1.6.1): Downloading (100%)
– Installing guzzlehttp/promises (v1.3.1): Downloading (100%)
– Installing guzzlehttp/guzzle (6.3.3): Downloading (100%)
– Installing phpseclib/phpseclib (2.0.21): Downloading (100%)
– Installing psr/log (1.1.0): Loading from cache
– Installing monolog/monolog (1.24.0): Downloading (100%)
– Installing firebase/php-jwt (v5.0.0): Downloading (100%)
– Installing google/apiclient-services (v0.109): Downloading (100%)
– Installing psr/cache (1.0.1): Loading from cache
– Installing google/auth (v1.5.1): Downloading (100%)
– Installing google/apiclient (v2.2.3): Downloading (100%)
guzzlehttp/psr7 suggests installing zendframework/zend-httphandlerrunner (Emit PSR-7 responses)
phpseclib/phpseclib suggests installing ext-libsodium (SSH2/SFTP can make use of some algorithms provided by the libsodium-php extension.)
phpseclib/phpseclib suggests installing ext-mcrypt (Install the Mcrypt extension in order to speed up a few other cryptographic operations.)
phpseclib/phpseclib suggests installing ext-gmp (Install the GMP (GNU Multiple Precision) extension in order to speed up arbitrary precision integer arithmetic operations.)
monolog/monolog suggests installing graylog2/gelf-php (Allow sending log messages to a GrayLog2 server)
monolog/monolog suggests installing sentry/sentry (Allow sending log messages to a Sentry server)
monolog/monolog suggests installing doctrine/couchdb (Allow sending log messages to a CouchDB server)
monolog/monolog suggests installing ruflin/elastica (Allow sending log messages to an Elastic Search server)
monolog/monolog suggests installing php-amqplib/php-amqplib (Allow sending log messages to an AMQP server using php-amqplib)
monolog/monolog suggests installing ext-amqp (Allow sending log messages to an AMQP server (1.0+ required))
monolog/monolog suggests installing ext-mongo (Allow sending log messages to a MongoDB server)
monolog/monolog suggests installing mongodb/mongodb (Allow sending log messages to a MongoDB server via PHP Driver)
monolog/monolog suggests installing aws/aws-sdk-php (Allow sending log messages to AWS services like DynamoDB)
monolog/monolog suggests installing rollbar/rollbar (Allow sending log messages to Rollbar)
monolog/monolog suggests installing php-console/php-console (Allow sending log messages to Google Chrome)
google/apiclient suggests installing cache/filesystem-adapter (For caching certs and tokens (using Google_Client::setCache))
Writing lock file
Generating autoload files


Google Apps Script(GAS)

google spread sheetとの連携に使用する

google spread sheetのidは”/d/” と “/edit” の間にある乱数字のこと

続いてGoogle sheet apiを有効化

スプレッドシートをgoogle platform userと共有


書評: Team Geek (Google Brain W.Fitzpatrick)

開発のチームビルディングを考えるため、Team Geek (Google Brain W.Fitzpatrick)を購入して読みました。

Googleが 謙虚、尊敬、信頼 を大事にしているとは驚きだった。

setting virtual host

# sudo cat /etc/httpd/conf.d/hoge.conf
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /var/www/html/tv
DirectoryIndex index.html index.php
ServerName www.hoge
CustomLog logs/hoge-access.log common
ErrorLog  logs/hoge-error.log
AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
<Directory "/var/www/html/tv/">
AllowOverride All

# /etc/init.d/httpd graceful

Not reflected unless restart.
Also modify google developer console.

headless chrome 2


$ sudo yum update

$ sudo yum install google-chrome-stable

rpm -Va –nofiles –nodigest

[vagrant@localhost ~]$ google-chrome –disable-setuid-sandbox –no-sandbox –headless –disable-gpu –dump-dom
-bash: google-chrome: コマンドが見つかりません