Overview of Methodology Data First

Overview of Methodology: Data First

Information flow diagram – tasks, ER Diagram – Abstract code/SQL, Relational schema – PHP code, MySQL relational platform

Property values are
– lexical, visible, audible
– they are things that name other things

Relational Model
– Data Structures
– Constraints
– Operations


– Latency (Start -> Done)
– Throughput (# / Second)
Throughput = 1 / Latency

– Programs and input data agreed upon for performance measurements

Benchmark suite
– Multiple programs
– Each representative of some type of app

Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture
Design a computer is well-suited for its purpose

Why do we need?
1.improve performance
2.improve ability

Fablication Technology, Circuit design

Active Power
P = 1/2 C * V^2 * f * α
capacitance, power supply, frequency, active factor


System simple_cs = {
	Component client = { Port send-request; Port err-trap; }
	Component server = { Port receive-request; Port alert; }
	Connector rpc = { Role caller; Role callee; }
	Connector err = { Role source; Role sink; }
	Attachment server.receive-request to rpc.callee;
	Attachment client-request to rpc.caller;
	Attachment client.err-trap to err.sink
	Attachment server.alert to err.source

Software Architecture

The set of significant decisions about the organization of a software system, the selection of the structural elements and their interfaces by which the system is composed, together with their behavior as specified in the collaborations among those elements, the composition of these structural and behavioral element into progressively larger subsystems and the architectural style that guides organization: these elements and their interfaces, their collaborations, and their composition.

The software architecture of a deployed software is determined by those aspects that are the hardest to change.