What can we do aws monitoring tool “cloud watch”?

What can we do for CloudWatch??

-> CloudWatch is “A fully managed operation monitoring service” provided by AWS, those that monitor various resources of AWS.

In detail and features.
– Can be used without setup
– It detects an abnormal condition and automatically restores it
– Alert notification and action can be set according to metrics.

It can be monitored EC2, EBS, S3, and so on. Cloudwatch have three services.
– CloudWatch : You can make dashboards by graphing multiple items such as CPU and memory.
– CloudWatch Logs:Corresponds to Amazon Linux, RedHat, Windows etc, and by acquiring various logs by putting an agent in the instance. In addtion to OS, application logs are also supported, and you can let alert notice by keyword.
– CloudWatch Events:It is a service that causes some action to be executed by triggering API event.

Other way to watch log is checking access_log, error_log, and monitor_log from Linux.