A Humbling Moment

All objects are mutually attracted
– Accelerate at 10m/s^2

The Train… of Pysics!
What trajectory would the apple follow?

In physics motion at constant speed is indistinguishable from being at rest!

acceleration:1 m/s^2

10m = 0 + 1/2a(4.47)^2

N = Normal(perpendicular)
FN mg=weight, mg is equal to FN

Forces and trig
if α=30°、Fr=100N sin(30degree)*100
FRX = 50N, Fry = 86.6N cos(30degree)*100

m = 10Kg
mg = 100N
Fry = 50N
Fn = 150N
Frx = 86.6N
Fw = 86.6N